Biomimetic Office

The Biomimetic Office concept project is the outcome of a collaboration between Expedition Engineering and Exploration Architecture to develop an office building concept inspired by biological structures and natural systems.

The video above is made of extracts from the “evolution” of a building layout generated and optimised using a stochastic optimization routine driven by daylight analysis and circulation as performance metrics.

I developed and implemented the “form finding” routine for a building concept by Exploration Architecture (Michael Pawlyn) and Expedition Engineering.

The objectives are to maximise daylight exposure, floor area, dedicated area for PV panels and attain to several constraints such as wall to floor area ratio and tenants constraints.

The tenant constraints are given as percentage of floor area in which distances façade to façade, façade to light wells are within well defined ranges. The tenants constraints are checked using a routine that first builds the medial axis of the current geometry being evaluated and then uses the axis to navigate the space and compute metrics. The daylight analysis is implemented using the cumulative sky dome approach and ray tracing.

The building layout is generated using marching square algorithm to create the first floor. The seed points for the marching square are given by an initial rectangular grid from which random clusters of points are removed thus giving different layouts. The layout is then arrayed along the z direction but at the same time morphed using law curves. Points cluster removal and law curves for the façades are parametrised using variables which constitute the input variables for the stochastic s routine.

In total there are 9 objectives optimised in parallel.

Exploration Architecture /
Expedition Engineering

Computational Design:
Gennaro Senatore

Fred Labbe
Pete Winslow
Julia Ratcliffe

design / Biomimetic Office