DR Gennaro Senatore

Dr. Eng.  MRes  MSc  MEng (Hons)

I am a scientist and engineer specialised in computational structural mechanics, optimisation and form-finding as well as modern computer-aided design which includes algorithmic modelling and generative design. I am currently a postdoctoral scientist at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. I previously worked as a postdoctoral scientist at University College London and as the Head of computational design & research at London based practice Expedition Engineering.

I hold an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) from University College London. Previously, I was awarded with distinction an MSc in Computing and Design from University of East London School of Architecture, Computing and Civil Engineering in 2009 and an MSc in Emergent Technologies from The Architectural Association (London) in 2008. I graduated in mechanical engineering MEng (Hons) at Federico II University (Naples, Italy) in 2006.  

Computational Design | Structural Mechanics & Optimisation
Control Systems Engineering | Programming (Java, C#, Matlab, Python)  

My Team:

Yafeng Wang - Post-Doctoral Scientist | Yafeng is working on new structural optimisation methods to obtain minimum energy adaptive structures through an All-In-One problem formulation.  

Arka Reksowardojo - Doctoral Assistant | Arka is looking into new design methods for structures that adapt to loading through large shape changes.  

Jan Brutting - Doctoral Assistant | Jan is working on new design and optimisation methods to ‘reuse’ the energy/carbon embodied into structures for multiple service lives (e.g. reuse dismantled components to build new structures).  

Qinyu Wang - Doctoral Assistant | Qinyu is investigating the use of variable stiffness joints made of visco-elastic composites to control the structure dynamic response.  

Keynotes/Invited Lectures: