Forum Pattern
The Forum Pattern is an intricate brand expression pattern designed in collaboration with Thomas Matthews for wayfinding and identity at The University of Exeter’s Forum Building.
Biomimetic Office
An office building concept inspired by biological structures and natural systems developed in collaboration with Expedition Engineering and Exploration Architecture.
Emirates Air Line
Parametric 3D design and simulation for the complex geometry of The London Cable Car (Emirates Air Line) towers.
Chiswick Park Footbridge
Parametric modelling and simulation of form, structural performance and constructibility of Chiswick Park Footbridge.
Salerno Gate East Masterplan
Gate East is an area located in the province of Salerno in Italy that has undergone significant development. Gennaro Senatore has designed the master plan for one of the sectors contained in the area.
Every year hundreds of thousands of tennis ball championships are retired. Instead of disposing or recycling them, which requires significant processing, HearO brings together upcycling and product design by creating a high-quality portable speaker made of a repurposed ball from tennis championships.