Forum Pattern

The Forum Pattern is an intricate brand expression pattern designed by Gennaro Senatore in collaboration with Thomas Matthews for wayfinding and identity at The University of Exeter’s Forum Building. The pattern is inspired by the building’s architecture as well as by the natural forms of the University’s gardens and arboretum.

The pattern has been designed through a process based on Lloyd’s algorithm for the recursive application of Voronoi partitions and Delaunay triangulations. An image of the garden is given as input. Seed points are placed randomly. The number of seed points is inversely proportional to the image light level i.e. the darker the region the more the seed points. A Voronoi diagram is first generated using the seed points. The Voronoi cell centroids are then given as input points for a Delaunay triangulation. Subsequently, the triangle centroids are used for a Voronoi partition in the next iteration. This process continues until there is no significant difference between the patterns obtained from two consecutive iterations.


Computational Design:
Gennaro Senatore

Graphic Design:
Thomas Matthews

The University of Exeter


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