Salerno Gate East Masterplan

Gate East is an area located in the province of Salerno in Italy that has undergone significant development. Gennaro Senatore has designed the master plan for one of the sectors contained in the area.

The residential part is allocated for 20100 m2 of floor area while the commercial part is for 33000 m2. The residential part is oriented 170° North for optimal daylight conditions. A Voronoi diagram is employed to partition the influence area of the buildings. Fourteen residential buildings are divided into 3 categories: seven 8-story buildings with a floor area of 80 m2, six 10-story buildings with a floor area of 160 m2 and two 15-story buildings with a floor area of 220 m2. The floor-to-floor height is 3 meters.

The residential buildings feature a twisted geometry, which in addition to having an aesthetic value, is employed to optimize daylight exposure and views. The commercial buildings have 2 stories. The floor area of the commercial buildings ranges from 2900 m2 to 7300 m2. Given the depth of the buildings in the commercial area, a hole pattern is designed for the roof and the first-story ceiling to improve daylight conditions.


Lead Design:
Gennaro Senatore

Ergon S.r.l.


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