PushMePullMe 3D

PushMePullMe 3D builds on the idea of using interactive real-time physics as an intuitive tool for form-finding and structural modelling in design and education, first explored in previous projects Catastrophe and the original version of PushMePullMe.

PMPM 3D allows you to build, push and pull building structures in 3D under real-time physics simulation.

The interactive software which can simulate the behaviour of structures (e.g. deflection, stress and reaction forces) under loading with engineering accuracy and gives real-time feedback. The model, based on dynamic relaxation and the co-rotational formulation, can be used to design and analyse structures with non-linear geometric behaviour (arbitrarily large displacements including rigid body motion) and perform shape optimisation.

PushMePullMe 3D (PmPm3D) has been implemented as the java applet and the iOS game/app version Make A Scape both distributed free of charge and adopted by several users and universities worldwide.

PushMePullMe (PMPM) software is part of an educational project (Expedition Workshed) which aims to develop a set of tools and digital documents to ease and enrich the process of teaching about structural mechanics, engineering and architecture.

Think Up / Expedition Workshed

Lead Developer:
Gennaro Senatore

Charlie Banthorpe

PushMePullMe 3D implements in Java its own physics engine and UI
and builds on two external libraries:
Proscene and Processing

The authors gladly thank Jean Piere Charalambos for the support
he provided using and customising his Proscene library.

Thanks to Andres Colubri for the support on the OpenGL renderer
he implemented in Processing.

Thanks to Daniel Piker for his contribution to the development
of the physics engine and to Dr. Chris Williams for the help
he provided developing the mathematical formulation.