Make A Scape

Make A Scape is an educational engineering game, designed for school children and undergraduates to build and test structures under simulated real-time physics.

The game helps develop a tacit understanding of structural behaviour by encouraging users to construct and manipulate virtual structures directly through a touch interface. Make A Scape aims is to inspire wide range of young people to develop an interest in Engineering. For school children the message is that engineering is a career that helps you shape the world. For undergraduates, it is a platform that can be used to teach engineering principles.

Make A Scape is optimised for iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store:

Think Up

Lead Design & Software Development:
Gennaro Senatore

UI Design & Software Development:
Charlie Banthorpe

UX & Visual Design:
Thomas Matthews

Sounds & Music:
Max Perryment

Supported by:
Ove Arup Foundation
Useful Simple Trust

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